I am a Melbourne based maker and visual artist. My practice pokes fun at the notions of exhaustive labor as well as highlighting the resulting unavoidable mental anxiety and physical exhaustion from intensive task based activity. In my work I am interested in aspects of unresolved or unrealized undertakings as part of overcompensation thought labor. Through my work I attempt to create vehicles for exploring the absurdity of gross production as both a success as well as a failure.

My works incorporate a wide range of constantly developing construction and building techniques that are  as part of my multi-disciplinary arts practice. I also have a broad background of skills from theater, gallery installation, building, planning, teaching and project work. I bring these skills together to drive and realize my work, developing new project dependent skills.

Over the past eleven years I have exhibited nationally in solo and group exhibitions within artist-run initiatives and public institutions; as well as participating in several artist in residence programs within institutions and community organizations.